An All-Star Disappoinment

So I didn’t do a guest post for a long time and now this is my 2nd one within a two-week period. Don’t call it a comeback!

This one is for my internet friend Rob Shepherd who blogs at and you can follow him on twitter by looking for @robshep. Rob is also the Lead Pastor/Church Planter of Next Level Church somewhere in Virginia. It’s not like he has kept his where-abouts hidden from me, I just can’t seem to remember. I think it’s around Wilmington, maybe. Who knows?

Anyway, I like Rob for a variety of reasons. He’s a funny guy who is about loving God, loving others, and making a difference. He is also almost the only other person I know who enjoys NBA basketball. Don’t hold that against us.

You can read my guest post about “An All-Star Disappointment” by clicking HERE.

While you are there do yourself a favor and take a look around. Maybe become a regular reader or even subscribe to his blog. Or not–I’m not the boss of you.


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