The Transformative Power of Pools

Aside from a little kiddy pool (which was more like a water dish for a large canine) I have never lived in a house with a pool. Until now.

One of the many God blessed things about moving to Harriman is where we live. We are right next to a river (which my wife loves because she likes to fish and which I love because I enjoy  impaling/drowning worms) and we have a pool. And not just any pool; it is a bona fide, in ground, decent-sized pool. A “cement pond” if you use Beverly Hillbillies vernacular.

Because of the need for a new liner and other such repairs, we have only had the pool open for a few days. Every one of those days my family has found its way into the water. In fact, I am watching my kids swim and play in it as I type these words. Which is why writing this post is taking a li….HEY–QUIT TRYING TO DROWN YOUR BROTHER!

Sorry about that.

One of the many things I find interesting about pools is their power to transform our behavior. We simply do things differently when we are at a pool. The behavior we deem normative and acceptable changes. Here are 3 ways being at a pool changes us:

1. Modesty. There are 2 things I learned when I went to the beach as a teenager: 1. Men from Quebec like wearing Speedos and 2. I never want to be confused with a man from Quebec. It may be that not every man in Quebec wears Speedos, but all of the ones around where we stayed did. Do they only do this at the beach or are the cities of Quebec filled with Speedo-clad men? Who knows?!?! Anyway, whether Speedos are worn at the pool or not, there is a drastic change in modesty once a pool comes into the equation.

2. Violence. Under normal circumstances I would never grab someone from behind, lift them over my head, and then sling them to the ground. Nor would I through a ball at someone’s head or push someone into a hole filled with water. But at a pool–it’s on like Donkey Kong. (Don’t be jealous of my rad slang).

3. Urinating on yourself. Here is a fact about me that people rarely believe: I have never urinated in a pool. Where else but in a pool is something like this acceptable to so many? Answer–nowhere. And if this type of behavior is acceptable outside of a pool where you live please let me know where you live so I can never go there. Gross.

Maybe you disagree about a pool’s power to transform people. Maybe your behavior is the same no matter where you are. If so, you might be a little bit boring. But maybe you can agree with me on something else.

While the pool may not have the power to transform a person’s behavior, the  Holy Spirit absolutely does.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,
meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
Galatians 5:22-23

Some folks, even some Christians, get a little nervous when the Holy Spirit is discussed. They are fine with talking about God the Father and God the Son, but when it comes to the third person of the Trinity they are silent.

I’m not sure why this is. The Holy Spirit is the one who indwells every follower of Christ; comforting, correcting, convicting. He moves and guides, illumines and encourages. His work is mysterious, no doubt. But He is at work and His work is tremendously important.

So maybe the pool doesn’t transform your behavior, but if you have a relationship with Jesus the Holy Spirit has done so and continues to do so. And this process will continue all the way home.

For this I am thankful and I hope you are, too.

What are some other ways people are different at a pool?
How has the Holy Spirit transformed you lately?

4 thoughts on “The Transformative Power of Pools

  1. The Holy Spirit has been showing me areas in my life where I’m allowing unwise decisions and actions in my life. Not necessarily sin, but those little decisions throughout the day that are counterproductive to who I am in Christ and the call He put on my life.

  2. women wear basically their underwear. If they wore their underwear out in public they’d squeal, but at the pool it’s an itsy bitsie teeny winnie yellow polka dot bikini.

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