Gun Show Tickets and the Gospel

There seems to be an increase in men wearing sleeveless t-shirts in my neck of the woods. While I am not sure if this is not an adverse consequence of too many people watching Jersey Shore, I am sure that I will not be following this trend.

The first reason for me not following this trend is that I am not a trendy person. I’ve had the same hairstyle since leaving womb. I still occasionally wear t-shirts featuring Sesame Street characters or Charlie Brown. I have a goatee. Things like that.

The other reason I refuse to follow this trend are my arms. While I appreciate all my arms do for me, they aren’t exactly “gun show ticket” material. No one has ever confused me for a body builder. Even when I was young and “in shape,” I had very little upper arm muscle definition.

I know this could change with hard work and patience. I know my arms could become muscular and defined.

I also know this is not a priority for me right now.

What is more important to me at this point is my relationship with God, my relationship with me wife, my relationship with my kids, and my relationships with everyone else.

How can I make improve all of these relationships? The same way I could improve my non-muscular arms–with hard work and patience.

Sort of.

It is not my hard work that can improve my relationships; it is a continued reliance on the finished hard work of Jesus on the cross which secured my relationship with God and defines my relationships with everyone else.

My hard work could never earn me a relationship with God; Christ’s hard work earned it for me forever.

For this I am eternally grateful.

Do you wear sleeve-less t-shirts? How are your “guns” these days?


16 thoughts on “Gun Show Tickets and the Gospel

  1. No i don’t wear them. Never really have. My “guns” are okay. I used to work out a lot so they had size and definition. But age has creeped up, no make leaped up, and now, even though I use the Bowflex, the size does not come as easily. A bike accident took apart my muscle tone in my left arm so I am unbalanced now also. 🙂

  2. No, I don’t wear sleeveless shirts. But now I know why you’re slacking on some things we’ve talked about: you’re watching Jersey Shore. This shouldn’t surprise me. You look like someone who would be a Snooki fan.

  3. Only to the beach or around the house. I reserve my short shorts for public viewing… I am a child of the 80s. (And no I do not currently own any short shorts… I do have photographic evidence of a childhood spent wearing them though…)

    His work is finished. May I live, dwell, and flex in His Spirit.

  4. I’ve spent decades in the gym… I quit wearing sleeveless shirts and tank tops about 16 years ago. Nothing speaks louder, “I am insecure and want to prove I’m a man!” Than wearing those shirts. I wear a sweatshirt, winter or summer. Who I am is not based on what I look like on the outside, “God looks at the heart.”

    My work is all about His grace.. we can’t earn a dime…

    Great post! Glad Jason linked it up today. Thanks.

  5. Not much definition to my guns, I’m afraid. I’m clinging to “physical exercise profits little, but godliness profits in all.” That’s in the Bible!

    As far as my spiritual guns go, I’m soon headed to a Wild at Heart bootcamp in the mountains of Colorado to have a hem of the garment type encounter with Jesus.

    At least that’s what I’m hoping for: that He touches me as I reach to Him.

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