Full House and Fatherhood

How am I doing these days?

Let me answer that by saying this: my kids have discovered the tv show Full House and want to watch it every night.

As Uncle Jesse would say, “Have Mercy!”

As Uncle Joey would say, I wish they would “Cut-It-Out!”

If I said that to them they might be like Stephanie Tanner and say, “How rude!”

Or maybe they would be like Michelle Tanner and say, “You’re in big trouble, mister!”

But hopefully they would use another Michelle Tanner quote and say, “You got it, dude!”

Or maybe they would be like Danny Tanner and not say anything memorable and instead make our house as clean as his always appeared to be.

As you can probably tell, I have had just about enough of Full House.

But my kids are enjoying it. And it gives me an opportunity to use what they are watching to talk with them about various life scenarios. And I love my kids enough to deal with the corny jokes and melodrama in order to spend time with them.

So I’ll keep watching Full House while hoping that one day they’ll want to watch something better…like The A-Team.

And if this happens, I’ll be like John “Hannibal” Smith and say, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

What show from the past do you hope your children never like?
What do you do with the people you love that you don’t necessarily enjoy?

8 thoughts on “Full House and Fatherhood

  1. My kids are no longer at home so i can’t say. I can say that Full House was never the one. Saved by the Bell was the one that God allowed to invade my house to teach me patience. As Scooby says, “Rots o ruck.”

  2. Matt, that is hilarious (mostly because it’s not happening to me). 🙂 I can’t believe I used to love this show. My kids have not discovered it yet so most of what we watch together is Animal Planet (which for the most part is okay). By the way. if you don’t know who Turtle Man is, you should look him up. He’s scary and funny at the same time.

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