The Aroma of Christ

I preached yesterday morning from 1 Corinthians 2:14-17 about how followers of Jesus are the sweet aroma of Christ to both believers and unbelievers. This means we are his representatives as we speak words and perform deeds that bring glory to His name.

I love the usage of the phrase “aroma of Christ” or “fragrance of Christ” to describe what we are to be for two main reasons.

One reason is in order to get someone’s aroma on you, you must spend considerable time being very close to that person. A person’s odor will not become your own unless you stick close to them and their odor overpowers yours. To have the aroma of Christ be noticeable on us means we have drawn close to Him and we have remained close to Him. It is impossible to have His aroma any other way.

The other reason I love this phrase is because others will not be able to smell His aroma on us unless we, after drawing close to Christ, also draw close to others. We do not smell people who remain at a great distance away from others. To truly be the aroma of Christ to  people means we must draw near to people with the His aroma upon us.

Being the sweet fragrance of Jesus to others requires us to draw close to Jesus and to others.

May we seek to smell like Jesus and have others smell Jesus on us.

What was the sermon about at your church service yesterday?
How are you smelling lately?



12 thoughts on “The Aroma of Christ

  1. We had a celebration yesterday so I took us back to the past for the purpose of bringing us to the future. I used several passages from Psalms to do so as I preached about the Fame of His Name. How am I smelling? Tired.

  2. My family has seen big moves of God this year, and corresponding attacks. Consequently, Sunday mornings have been hard, but we have been blessed to get into a small fellowship of believes for a Sunday afternoon study. Testimony after testimony, and word after word, have been shared. I mean amazing confirmations of God’s work.

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