Replacing the Replacement Refs

I did not watch Monday Night Football this week…until the last 30 seconds.

In fact, I didn’t even know who was playing…until the last 30 seconds.

Climbing into bed I decided to turn the television on and check out what was on ESPN. What I ended up watching was one of the wildest/worst endings to a football game I have ever seen.

In case you haven’t heard, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Green Bay Packers on a last second touchdown pass that was really an interception. Two different officials ran in to make the deciding call; one of them signaled a touchdown for the Seahawks and the other was in the beginning stages of signaling for an  interception/touchback for the Packers.

The play was quickly put “under review” with the final result being a touchdown for the Seahawks even though everyone else (basically everyone on the planet except for Seattle Seahawks fans) knew that it was an interception.

This bad call in addition to the other bad calls I have seen/heard about recently by the replacement refs in the NFL have caused me to ponder who or what could possibly replace the replacement refs and do a better job. Here are a few ideas:

1. My kids. If there is one thing my kids like more than staying out of trouble it is getting each other in trouble. They have gotten used to looking for “fouls” and rarely miss anything. The only problem is a couple of them have the attention spans of over-caffeinated ferrets.

2. Santa Claus. He always knows who’s been bad or good. Plus, can you imagine Bill Belichick trying to intimidate Santa Claus? You can’t do it without smiling, can you?

3. No one. Anarchy on a field full of armored giants–what could go wrong?

4. The Jonas Brothers. I’m assuming they aren’t busy.

Okay, so that’s all I can come up with. Maybe you can do better in the comments.

But no matter who the refs are, they aren’t going to be perfect. They’re going to fail and fall short just like all fo the rest of us.

Just like the guy down the street who has lost his family because of his adultery. Just like your drug addicted cousin who you have written off as a lost cause. Just like you and me who have sinned against God and hurt others in the process.

No one is without sins and faults.

Except Jesus, the one we can turn to for forgiveness, help, and hope.

This is something I need to remember day after day.

Who/what are some other possible replacement refs for the replacement refs?



9 thoughts on “Replacing the Replacement Refs

  1. I think maybe the regular refs who should be getiing the $9300 per game for part-time work. It makes me mad that they won’t take what the NFL wants to give them. I say the NFL should hold firm and keep thecreplacement refs until the regulars can’t afford to not take the NFL’s offer.

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