Sort of, Kind of, Maybe Back

I used to be a regular, every day a week blogger.

Then things happened.

I became busier.

Other (more important) things took precedence over blogging.

I’ve tried to come back a few times only to fade away again.

But now……

I’m back!

(Sort of, kind of, maybe)

We’ll see how it goes.

Hopefully you’ll join me again.

If not, I understand.

What do you need/want to get back to doing?


14 thoughts on “Sort of, Kind of, Maybe Back

  1. Glad that you are back, Matt! It is a funny thing how life can jump in and mess up one’s blogging gig, but it happens. Life happens so we can write, I guess. Hey, I’ve enjoyed your recent blogs… about “having the best husband” and the soon to be royal baby. I tell ya, life would be much easier for us writers, or folks would understand us better if there was that sarcasm font that you mentioned. Somedays, I think my whole entire post could fall under it.

    Glad you’re back sort of, kind of, maybe…

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