A Coach Named Butch

After flirting with a few other candidates, the University of Tennessee hired a coach last week.

A coach named Butch.

Butch Jones, formerly the coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats, is now the head coach of my beloved Volunteers. I listened to the impressive press conference introducing him, read several articles about him, and even began following him on Twitter (and he actually tweets). But the most impressive thing about him to me is his name.

Butch. The team I have followed since childhood has a coach named Butch.

Or as many around here have been spelling it: bUTch.

Yes, I know that his given name is Lyle. The only other Lyle I’ve ever heard of is Lyle Lovett and he was married to Julia Roberts. So–Lyle isn’t a bad name either.

But I’m glad he goes by Butch.

So, Butch, or Coach Jones, if you are reading this–welcome to Big Orange Country. I hope your stay here is filled with many wins, championships, good times, and the growth in character of the many young men who will pass through this storied program.

To everyone else, maybe you don’t like football in general or the University of Tennessee in particular. If that is the case I hope you like one thing…

That we have a coach named Butch. What a great name!

What do you think of the name “Butch?”
Are you a Vol fan? If not..why?


14 thoughts on “A Coach Named Butch

  1. Butch. Ray. Jay. just don’t let him lose. As for a fan…NO! I have a daughter who lives in Kville but she is a Buckeye fan. If I cared, I would be also. Since I live near Bloomington, I would be an IU fan (basketball only). But that would given that I cared. When does baseball start again?

  2. You know there was Lyle Waggoner, who portrayed Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman TV series in the 70’s.
    But I don’t care what his name is. I know that he has done more to make us Vol fans feel good about our program in his first three days than our previous coach did in three seasons.
    It’s good to see a coach who looks like a cross between General Neyland and Sergeant Carter.

  3. Butch is a great name!

    As for the Vols, sorry, but I’m not a fan. (Which doesn’t mean I’m a detractor.) I’m more of a Penn State Fan (I live in PA and earned my masters from a Penn State – what do you expect?).

  4. It’s tough being a UT fan living here in South Carolina, although there is a house in our subdivision with a power T for a mailbox! And our next door neighbor is from Maryville. We are not alone in our devotion.

    But you know what I’m going to say: GO BUCKEYES! (The only other unbeaten team this year.) Yeah, I know, weak schedule. Blah, blah, blah. Darn those NCAA sanctions! Thanks, Jim.

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