Resolution #2: Lose Weight

This week I will be telling you my resolutions for 2013. I will return to normal blogging next week. Happy New Year!

My second resolution for 2013 is to lose weight?

Hold on–didn’t you lose weight last year? Thanks for the question.

Yes–I lost about 50 pounds last year, but I have gained around 15 or so back.

So, once again I resolve to lose weight.

As soon as we use all of the McDonald’s gift cards we were given for Christmas.

Are you going to try to lose weight this year?


2 thoughts on “Resolution #2: Lose Weight

  1. I am! I lost about 15 pounds last year, gained maybe 5-6 of it back. I’m shooting for another 15 this year, but my real goal is to just get more active and build muscle. Weight loss will come with that for sure. Good luck on your resolution!

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