Resolution #3: Walking

This week I will be telling you my resolutions for 2013. I will return to normal blogging next week. Happy New Year!

One of the ways I lost weight last year is that I didn’t eat things that tasted good.

Ok, this is a little bit of an overstatement. I ate a few things that tasted good, but not a lot.

The other thing I did was walk.


So, another resolution is to walk at least 9 miles per week. That is walking at least 3 miles a day, at least 3 days per week. I hope to walk more than this, however that goal is accounting for bad weather weeks and illness.

I also plan on moonwalking a little bit, but that is more for fun than for health.

Do you walk for exercise?
If so, where do you walk?


10 thoughts on “Resolution #3: Walking

  1. Love this resolution. You can accomplish so much through walking – exercise, think time, clear the head and the lungs… I run for exercise. This is often my best time for connection with God.

  2. I walk more in the warmer months than I do now in winter, but I do enjoy it. I have some exercise equipment in the basement that I use, but now since ,y insurance will pay for a gym membership, I’m going to join the Y and make use of their great equipment.

  3. I end up walking about 1.5 miles about 5 days a week. I walk down to a local park by my house. I have had a difficult time losing weight and I have tried to reduce my calorie intake as well. We have been getting a decent amount of snow here in Ohio lately so the roads have been more of a challenge but I have continued trying to walk.

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