Resolution #4: Seek

This week I will be telling you my resolutions for 2013. I will return to normal blogging next week. Happy New Year!

Callling this resolution #4 is a little misleading since it is the most important one.

I resolve to seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The Bible tells me if I do this then the other things I need will be added unto me. And since I am “the Seeking Pastor” it makes sense that I would seek the most important thing.

Maybe you’ll join me.

What is your most important resolution for 2013?


5 thoughts on “Resolution #4: Seek

  1. I don’t really come up with resolutions, only because I never seem to keep them when I make them resolutions, but my heart is yearning to seek Him more earnestly this year. Great resolution!

  2. Like Bill and Jason, I haven’t made any resolutions this year (at least not yet). But my goal is to know God and to follow Him more fully.

  3. “Seek ye first…” is a good one. I pray Jesus grants me grace to make it a reality for this year. 2012 was year of both stunning victories, and crushing defeats, for me. I made new friends, went on awesome retreat, fell off the radar, and managed to really hurt my wife… I pray to see the goodness of God in the land of the living.

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