Three Suggestions for Playing Mr. Rogers

I just read of a proposed movie about the life of Mr. Rogers. Yes–THAT Mr. Rogers.

Why is this so exciting? Because there are just not enough movies about cardigan-wearing men with imaginary friends.

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was a part of my childhood. Sure, I was more of a Sesame Street kind of guy, but it was still nice to know that Mr. Rogers was always there with good lessons on life with help from his friends in the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe.”

Whether I would really pay money to see a movie about Mr. Rogers all depends on who plays hi m. So, who should it be? Here are my suggestions:

1. Not Johnny Depp. I know Johnny Depp is a great actor; one of the best in the world. Whatever. The fact that he is playing Tonto in The Lone Ranger has caused me great distress and made me not want to see him playing anyone in any movie that I will ever want to see. Ever. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

2. Matt Damon. Maybe is wrong and maybe Mr. Rogers really was a Navy Seal or a sniper during the Vietnam War and maybe the “Neighborhood of Make-Believe” was really a stronghold for his enemies that he tried unsuccessfully to penetrate every day and maybe he faked his own death so he could finally capture King Friday XIII (who is actually an evil criminal mastermind). That would be a great movie and Matt Damon would be an awesome as a Mr. Rogers meets Jason Bourne kind of character.

3. John Piper. Dr. Piper is retired from his pastorate now and since I’m sure he’s not collecting seashells on a beach somewhere, maybe he would like a chance to do a little acting.

Those are my suggestions. I realize they aren’t very good.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter all that much to me. What matters to me is that Fred Rogers did his best to spread a little kindness and gladness in a venue where both are in short supply.

We would do well to emulate him in this. Our neighborhoods still need it.

Who do you think should play Mr. Rogers?
How are you spreading kindness in your neighborhood?


15 thoughts on “Three Suggestions for Playing Mr. Rogers

  1. I like Larry’s answer!

    My wife actually went to the same high school as Fred Rogers. The high school has a cool display that tells his story.

    As for playing Mr. Rogers in a movie, how about Clay Aiken?

  2. Ed Harris. Ever since I saw him in the movie Radio (with Cuba Gooding), I just LOVE him. He plays a nice, sweet, loving guy so well. I can totally see him rockin’ the Mr. Rogers role.

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