Showing Your Rear

One of my lifelong goals is for the general public to not see my rear end. Any part of it. This is one reason I am not a plumber. It is also why I mostly tuck my shirts in and if my shirt is untucked, I have an undershirt on that is tucked. I’m serious about not showing my softest side.

I realize not everyone shares this goal. There are some who appear to have no concern with what is going on behind them. Especially at Wal-Mart. One of my boys is this way, but only in and around the pool.

The boy, who will remain nameless, is skinny. All of his jeans have the adjustable waist feature so we can cinch them as tight as possible. This works to help keep his britches up. (By the way, “britches” is still one of my favorite words to type.) Sadly, it seems as if we can’t get his swimming trunks tight enough. When they get wet, they get saggy. When they get saggy, his white rear shines bright for all to see.

The thing is, he is okay with this as long as it is at our pool. At any other pool, he is constantly pulling up his trunks to ensure no one sees too much of his moon. At home, the moon is full quite frequently.

Why discrepancy in bottom-baring? I think it has to do with comfort level. At home, he knows that he is loved. At home, he knows he will not be  judged. At home, he knows we are all just as weird about different things as he is about his ever-descending swimming trunks.

He is comfortable with us, his parents and siblings. For that I am thankful.

I am also thankful that those who know Jesus can be even more comfortable with God.

Because I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ, I can stand comfortably before my loving Father. Because my once-scarlet sins have been washed white as snow, I can know God sees me as His own. Because I have been adopted into His family by the power of the Holy Spirit, I can let my guard down with the Creator and Sustainer of all that is.

My son is comfortable with me. The sons and daughters of God can be comfortable with Him.

Because of Jesus.

Do you worry about showing your posterior?
Have you been adopted into God’s family? If so, describe your joy as a child of God?


7 thoughts on “Showing Your Rear

  1. Matt, this is sweet, poignant, and powerful. My greatest joy in being in His family is that He sees, and knows, all, and yet loves me anyway. Even when my moon shines.

  2. I don’t really worry about showing my rear, though I have done it plenty, oh but you were talking about our actual rear ends. As always, we don’t get enough of the pastor who seeks. I was interviewed for a podcast yesterday and kind of talked about you being the one who got me into this blogging thing. Write more. Shower us with your stuff.

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