Finding a Good Night

I just finished watching Finding Nemo for the 476th time. That is just a rough estimate. It could have been as many as my 534th time watching it. After the 100th time, my memory became as foggy as Dory’s when it comes to the actual number.

Really, though, if I was going to watch a movie that many times I probably couldn’t pick a better on than “Nemo.” With great characters like Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Gil, Crush, Bruce, and the rest and a story with plenty of twists, and turns–it really is a wonderful film.

But I wouldn’t have chosen to watch it again.

So why did I watch it one more time? Simple…my kids wanted to watch it.

They’ve been quoting lines from it for several weeks now, so when we were scrolling through what we could watch “on demand” and saw that Finding Nemo was one of the choices, it was a no-brainer.

Four of my kids were spread out on our couch and love seat and my 5-year-old was snuggled up in my lap. We laughed as Nemo met his classmates–one with a tentacle shorter than all her other tentacles, one who is H2O intolerant, and one who is obnoxious. We sat spellbound as Nemo was taken captive after swimming out to touch “the butt.” We watched as Marlin met Dory and went on an adventure across the ocean and Nemo adjusted to life in the tank. And I once again enjoyed seeing the reunion of a loving father and his son.

It was a good 100 minutes spent even if it was a replay of what I have watched plenty of times before. And it was because I was with my kids.

I had a good night last night. I hope you did, too.

What movie have you watched an amazing number of times? Did you have a good night last night?


8 thoughts on “Finding a Good Night

  1. The forty-minute show (which is performed five times daily) opened on January 2, 2007. Several musical numbers took direct inspiration from lines in the film, including “(In The) Big Blue World”, “Fish Are Friends, Not Food”, “Just Keep Swimming”, and “Go With the Flow”. In January 2007, a New York studio recording of the show was released on iTunes , with Lopez and Anderson-Lopez providing the voices for Marlin and Dory, respectively. Avenue Q star Stephanie D’Abruzzo also appeared on the recording, as Sheldon/Deb.

  2. Back to the Future trilogy. Lord of the Rings. Transformers (with my grandson). Field of Dreams. I watch a lot when I do jigsaw puzzles in the winter. Many others. had a good night. Our local theater was totally renovated and they show movies for $5. Watched Lone Ranger last night. I laughed a lot.

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