Your Favorite Blogs (and a photo to caption)

This is my 600th blog post. After taking a break from blogging (broken up by occasional false restarts), I am back to it.

There is only one problem. Many of the bloggers I once followed aren’t blogging any more. So I need your help.

In the comments, tell me about your blog and about any others that are your favorites.

And while you’re at it–caption this photo of I took of myself in front of the Cincinnati Reds bullpen.

The winner will receive a virtual fist bump and my unending gratitude.

Me and the bullpen




18 thoughts on “Your Favorite Blogs (and a photo to caption)

  1. Glad you and your “sense of humor” is back. That goes for the hat as well. Caption: i wonder if I can get a real hat of a real team…you know the one with the “P” on it.

  2. This is my first time on your blog, but I always like to recommend things…

    So here are some blogs a pastor might like:

    This is an elderly gentleman who writes about his life and things past.

    A photo blog. heavy on the vintage stuff

    A former English teacher and youth (religious, I think) counselor, located in South Africa. Young and funny too.

    And then I do (mostly) humor based on “things that insult my intelligence.” One or two posts might really rub you the wrong way… but then again one of my closest followers is the former counselor. Just disregard the giant pentagram in my most recent post until you see the context.

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