A Splinter Removing Father

I found out this past Friday the thing I hate doing the most for my kids that my wife usually does for them is removing splinters from their skin.

The house we are renting has a pool, which is good. It also has an old deck leading down to the pool, which is neither good or bad. While walking on the deck to get down to the pool on Friday night one of my son’s got a splinter in his foot, which was bad. My wife wasn’t home, which was the worst.

I have a particular set of skills, but they are nothing like the particular set of skills Liam Neeson’s character possesses in the Taken movies. Also, my skills do not include splinter removal.

When he showed me the splinter, my stomach churned. I thought about getting one of my other kids to take on the task, but I knew they would refuse. And while I have taught one of my wife’s chihuahuas to play dead (or “muerto” since they come from Mexico), I haven’t ‘yet taught any of them to play splinter removal.

Since there were no other choices and since he refused to take my advice and “walk it off,” I was forced into action.

It was awful.  I squeezed and scratched, grimaced and groaned. It took 20 minutes and felt like 2000, but finally I got it out. Part of it. So I squeezed and scratched, grimaced and groaned a little longer and removed the rest of the cursed splinter.

My son hopped up and said thanks while I was left with hands that smelled like feet and an experience I hope not to repeat.

Which is very different from how God apparently feels about removing splinters from our lives.

If you read scripture long enough you will get the picture that God delights in helping His children. Whether it is the splinter of disappoint, sin, or some other such painful experience, God wants to help and does so with kindness and expertise.

If we ask.

My son asked for help because he knew I would help him. He trusted me. And we can trust God.

So if you have a spiritual splinter causing you pain, go to the Father.  He will surely help.

What is one thing you hate (or strongly dislike) doing for someone else?
How have you trusted God lately?


14 thoughts on “A Splinter Removing Father

  1. It is amazing how we will do things for our children that we dislike so much. It does give us a much better perspective on how God cares for us.

  2. I hated removing splinters but knew my wife wouldn’t. The crying and the whining and the feeling like I was hurting them was almost more than I could take. Chop the foot or finger off for crying out loud! Might work better. But after it was over, the kiss and thanks (eventually) made the (my) pain worthwhile. So glad God does that for me.

  3. Yard work – specifically weed-eating and trimming. What a chore it is yet, like many things that are inconvenient, I like looking at the results.

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