Crushing Sally’s Dream

Of all the tongue twisters that have twisted the tongues of tongue twisters throughout the years, there is one that reigns supreme over them all:

“Sally sells seashells by the seashore.”

Whenever and wherever tongue twisters come up, this one will be there. Everyone seems to know it and most seem to love it.

But no one has asked the tough questions about Sally and her choice of careers. Until now.

I don’t mean to burst Sally’s bubble, but….

1. Is she an idiot? Sally has chosen to sell seashells next to the place where people can find seashells for free?!?!?! Are you serious? I know her profit margins must be great since she gets them for free herself, but can she really expect people to buy seashells by the seashore? Sally is simply stupid for selling seashells by the seashore.

2. Are the seashells at least decorated? The only way I would buy seashells by the seashore would be if there was something amazingly creative or different about them. Like seashells with the Gettysburg Address or the Declaration of Independence or the lyrics to “Call Me Maybe” etched on them. Or seashells that have the ability to babysit my 5 kids. Or seashells that sound like Mr. T. “I pity the poor shell!”

3. Is this Sally’s only source of income? Maybe this is just a hobby. Maybe Sally is independently wealthy from inventing a Snuggie that looks like a clerical robe for ministers who are required to wear them (maybe called a Clerggie), but who have difficulty staying warm. Maybe she used to sell lions by the library or cobras by the country club and one of them bit her and now she’s living off of the insurance settlement. I hope so!

Ok, so I know Sally’s not a real person, but let’s keep pretending for a moment that she is. And as long as we’re using our imaginations, let’s imagine that she is a friend of mine.

Now, imagine that selling seashells by the seashore is her dream; a dream given to her by God.  Can you imagine how she would feel if I asked her the questions from above that you just read–questions that could crush her dream?

I can.

Because I’ve had dreams that others have tried to crush with their words.

Maybe they did it on purpose. Maybe they did it unwittingly. Who knows? What I do know is that the words of others can have an impact on whether or not we follow our God-given dreams.

If Sally were a real person and had a dream of selling seashells by the seashore, I hope should would ignore my questions and keep living her dream. But she isn’t a real person.

You and I, though, are real people. May we keep listening to God, keep obeying His voice, and keep ignoring those who may not understand how hurtful their words can be.

Do you have any other questions for Sally? Do you have a God-given dream? If so–how’s it going?


9 thoughts on “Crushing Sally’s Dream

  1. I changed jobs at work recently. I was talking to someone outside of the company one day and he asked if it was my dream job. Let’s be real. It isn’t. I would much rather make a living blogging and writing. So there.

  2. You may have something with that Clerggie idea. That’s gold! I have learned that people are usually trying to be helpful when they point out how stupid you are for following your dream, but it still hurts. I remember hearing once that the definition of calling is that thing that just keeps calling and won’t stop no matter what. That’s what happens to me with God-dreams and God-ideas, those things that are at the core of me. It may not be in my way or timing and there may be a lot of opposition, but I know He’s faithful. Thanks Matt.

  3. I thought “Rubber-baby-buggy-bumper” was the top of that list of tongue twisters? Great post. Dreams are from the heart of our Father… and so is the passion and perseverance to continue toward them regardless of what the naysayers rant. I love to use their words for fuel… Thanks to Jason for linking this up. And to Peter piper for picking a pepper…

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