Book Review – Even If You Were Perfect, Someone Would Crucify You

Rob's Book

One of my responsibilities and privileges as a pastor is to talk to and counsel people who are hurting. While the conversations are often difficult and tears often flow, it is a blessing to be able to share with people truths from God’s Word that has the ability to change their lives.

A common theme I end up talking about to people who feel depressed, rejected, alone, or who have any number of other issues is identity. It seems like one of the enemy’s most common tactics is to convince people to wrap up their identities in anything other than God. If he is successful, those who fall for it will often live their lives seeking to please people. This will inevitably lead to disappointment and despair because pleasing everyone is simply impossible.

This is the reason why I appreciate Rob Shepherd’s new book, Even If You Were Perfect, Someone Would Crucify You: Stop trying to please people. Start pleasing God.

I have known Rob via the internet for a while now and have long enjoyed his ability to blend humorous stories with keen biblical insight. This ability is on brilliant display in his book as he tackles the topic of our need to find our identities in our Creator and to live our lives for His glory.

Because of the smooth chapter transitions and transparent humor, this book is both easy to read and hard to put down. Because of it’s important message and the way it is delivered, it is hard to keep quiet about. While reading it you will be inspired and challenged. After reading it you will want other’s to do the same.

If you want more information about Rob and his book or if you want to read more from him, you can visit his blog at You can also connect with him on twitter at

AND–you can purchase the book from Amazon here –

Do plan on buying Rob’s book? What book are you reading right now?


19 thoughts on “Book Review – Even If You Were Perfect, Someone Would Crucify You

  1. Ordered mine last week – which reminds me, I need to check the mailbox. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction, but I’m really looking forward to this one.

    Toddler is crying because I cannot enlarge the fro picture. Thanks, Rob.

  2. I haven’t bought the book yet, but sounds like it might be one to put on my list. As for the fro: have you seen the real Rob? 🙂 I am reading Gospel by J.D. Greear right now. (Rob will be happy about that and it might take the sting out of not reading his by now).

  3. I ordered mine on real, actual paper because I already knew I’d want to highlight and take notes in the margin. I need to check my box today too! Can’t wait to get it. 😀

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