Holding Her Ham

My youngest child starts school next week. She’s 5-years-old, but seems younger. It may be because she is the baby. It may be because (barring a miracle) she is our last. Either way, she is starting school and it makes me a little sad.

Whenever we are walking through a parking lot or anywhere else that is either dangerous or crowded or scary, I get close to her and say, “Hold my ham.”

She grabs my hand and looks at me with those beautiful brown eyes and says, “Daddy, it’s hand!”

“I know,” I’ll reply. “That’s what I said. Hold my ham.”

We’ll go back and forth like that a few times and then laugh. She knows that I know that she knows that I’m just being silly.

Now she’s going to school. A new place. A scary place. A big place. And I won’t be there.

Sure, she’ll have teachers and the others who work at the school. But she won’t have any other human being who loves her as much as I do.

Thankfully, though, she’ll have God who loves her even more.

My prayer for my baby girl as she starts school next week is simple:

“Hold her ham, Father. Hold her ham.”

What is a prayer you are praying these days?



11 thoughts on “Holding Her Ham

  1. Very sweet – reminds me of the goofy things my dad still says to me.
    Praying for our boys new teachers this fall as they head into new grades (our third is beginning Junior Kindergarten and it’s hard to fathom that!), trying to trust that it will be a good fit.

    Loved this.

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