Fishin’ Trip

I am on a mission trip in Ohio. At least I am supposed to be on a mission trip in Ohio. You see, I am writing this on Sunday night (8/4/13) and we are scheduled to leave on Tuesday (8/6/13). So, unless something unforeseen has happened, I am on a mission trip in Ohio. We are going there (or have gone there) to help a church with revival services, a block party, and other ministries.

I spoke with a member of my congregation on the phone earlier tonight (Sunday) and during the conversation I mentioned going on a mission trip to Ohio. As we were about to let each other go she said, “Good luck on your Ohio fishin’ trip.”

Chuckling, I corrected the mistake. “Oh, no,” I said. “I’m going on a mission trip, not a fishin’ trip.”

And then I realized my mistake.

I shouldn’t have corrected her because in a sense a mission trip is a “fishin’ trip.”

Jesus commissions His disciples to be fishers of men. This means we are to share the Gospel with people who so desperately need it.

This is day 3 of our fishin’ trip. Pray that Christ is exalted and people are changed through the power of the Spirit.

God Bless!

Have you ever been on a fishin’ trip?




9 thoughts on “Fishin’ Trip

  1. Going on my first fishing trip this Saturday, I am still a baby with Jesus and drinking milk. So if you would pray for the spirit to overcome my wit and succumb me to its will I would be great-full. I am going with a very experienced and caring ministry to downtown Newport News, Virginia. A very low valley so all prayer is cherished. Praise Jesus, I am exited…he has already gotten me to start ministering. I believe it is 5 o’clock if you get what I mean.

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