Disappointment Cookies

When my kids tell people they like eating Chinese, I am quick to point out they mean the food and not the people. I, on the other hand, don’t want to eat either one. Occasionally, because I love my wife and kids, I will relent and we will eat Chinese (the food, not the people). This happened yesterday.

As we were leaving, we all picked up fortune cookies. While I don’t believe there is anything lucky about what is in these cookies, I was shocked at what mine had inside.

Here is a picture of it:

disappointment cookie

Now, I know my health is important. This is one reason why I don’t like eating Chinese (the food, not the people). The first line of this “fortune” didn’t really bother me. It was the second line that caused me much chagrin.

“Eat your vegetables!”

Who does this fortune think it is–my mother?!? This was more of a disappointment cookie than a fortune cookie.

Seeing what was inside the cookie caused me to think. What are some other statements that could be inside disappointment cookies? Maybe…..

1. You are NOT the father. Also known as the Maury Povich cookie.

2. The 5th doctor was right. 4 out of 5 doctors would be disappointed.

3. Maybe we did start the fire. Thanks for nothing, Billy Joel.

4. You’re never going to find Waldo. Probably because he’s dead.

5. The best things in life aren’t free. And you can’t even rent them.

6. You can’t believe it’s not butter because it is butter. I knew it!

7. The chicken you just ate–yeah, it wasn’t chicken.

In reality, I wasn’t all that disappointed by my fortune cookie. The reason? I have chosen not to listen to words of wisdom from a little piece of paper inside of a cookie.

Why would I when I have a God who desires to guide my path?

What are your suggestions for disappointment cookies? Where is God leading you these days?


16 thoughts on “Disappointment Cookies

  1. I am also not one generally for Chinese food. I went with some buddies after the mission downtown the other day to break some bread. My fortune cookie actually said “Quench your Thirst”, which normally would be really weak. But on this day, of my first mission that I did feel the spirit break through at least a couple of times. I believe it might of been a message from God, possibly a Natural Revelation, and also quite possibly a very bad Fortune Cookie hahaha.

  2. I never ate chinese food until I moved here almost 9 years ago. I like it but only certain things. My wife, on the other hand, is like you. She eats the American food in a chinese buffet. As for your questions: I don’t have anything that comes to mind right now and I’m trying to figure that one out right now.

  3. When I was in college I was introduced to a fun albeit a little naughty game to play with fortune cookies. Add the phrase “In bed” at the end of your fortune. It makes them all funny.

  4. “The best part of waking up really is Folger’s in your cup. Yes, that is depressing.” And I like Chinese food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, etc. That’s why we adopted a Japanese son so we could have these kinds of meals more often. 🙂

  5. Around 6 years ago I was finishing up my training for driving a school bus. I had had previous training in another state, but I let my CDL lapse. So, on my last day of training I celebrated by taking myself out to lunch at a Chinese buffet. The next week I would be “on the job.” The following is absolutely true – and disturbing.

    I got my bill and a fortune cookie. Inside the cookie was a note that read, “You are about to start a new career.” On the other side of the note was the Chinese word of the day – school bus.

    No joke. It made me go “hmmmmmm.”

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