Alternatives to “It’s Greek to Me”

“It’s Greek to me” is an expression I have heard all of my life to describe something a person doesn’t understand. I have even used this idiom from time to time myself. However, I haven’t heard it as much lately.

I think maybe the reason I haven’t heard it as much is that it is somewhat outdated. Greek is still a language some people speak and other people learn. In fact, I will be taking a couple of Greek classes in the upcoming year or so to fulfill the requirements for the a seminary degree.

Even with this, when people think of things they don’t understand they may not think of Greek.

So, I would like to propose a few alternatives to “It’s Greek to me.”

1. It’s my mom’s text messages to me. I saw a tweet a while back that said, “I need a Rosetta Stone for my mom’s texts.” If you have a mom who sends texts, you can probably relate. And if you’re my mom and you’re reading this–I just kidding 🙂

2. It’s Joel Osteen’s theology to me. Joel seems like a nice guy and he certainly has the most perfect teeth of any human being alive today. But, try as I might, I can’t get a good bead on his theology. Or on how his “business mullet” hairstyle still looks good on him.

3. It’s Obamacare to me. For all the hateful rhetoric on both sides, I still haven’t got a clue about Obamacare. But I wonder if I can get a death panel to do me a favor when it comes to my wife’s Chihuahuas.

4. It’s fourth grade math to me. Math was one of my best subjects back in the day…but things have changed. Have I mentioned how much I hate hearing, “That’s not how  my teacher does it”?

5. It’s Inception to me. If you can explain the plot of Inception to me, you are a genius and should be named the kind of the nerds. I preached a sermon based on Inception once. It was a sermon within a sermon within a sermon. Nobody understood it, but everyone said it was great.

I think at least a couple of these are pretty good and wouldn’t be surprised if I start hearing people say them.

But I hope no one ever says any of these about the Bible.

Yes, the Bible can be difficult to understand. God is mysterious and understanding all about Him or all of the Bible is impossible.

But we can understand the main points of Scripture and we can understand those things God desires for us to understand.

In our own power? No. By the power of God? Absolutely.

If you’re having difficulty with the Bible, may I suggest that you pray, seek counsel from others who have greater understanding, read commentaries…and do whatever else it takes to know more of it so you can know and enjoy more of God.

It doesn’t have to be my mom’s texts to you.

What other alternatives to “It’s Greek to me” can you come up with? Share away!




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