Whoopsy Daisy

I’m big. 6 feet 7 inch, 300-ish pounds big.

This means several things to me. I have to buy my suits at “Men of Measure, Men of Stature.” There are some cars I have to practically wear to drive. There are other cars I can’t fit into at all. When someone needs help carrying something heavy, they contact me. My wife hasn’t changed a light bulb since we’ve been married. Things like that.

It also means something else: I shouldn’t say “whoopsy daisy.”

This past Saturday I officiated a wedding. By this I don’t mean that I dressed up in a referee outfit to  keep the bride’s family and groom’s family from throwing down in the church’s sanctuary. What I do mean is that I was the minister at a wedding.

During this wedding I did something I had never done before. Right after pontificating on the finer points of marriage and how God is able to help through any problem they will face, I asked the best man for the ring,

And then….I dropped the ring. And, sadly, it wasn’t a zero-gravity ring with the ability to float.

It fell to the floor. I bent over to pick it up. As I bent over to pick it up, I said in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear….


What am I–three years old?!?!

What kind of 6 feet, 7 inch, 300-ish pound man says “whoopsy daisy?”

The answer is simple–a 6 feet, 7 inch, 300-ish pound man with a bunch of kids.

Having 5 kids has changed me. I watch a lot of cartoons. I say “wow” a lot. I get to settle plenty of disputes. And the laundry–it is a never-ending battle.

And sometimes I say “whoopsy daisy” instead of “dang it” or “crap.”

And this is fine with me.

Not only have my kids changed my vocabulary, my tv-watching habits, and my hobbies, they have also changed my heart.

For the better.


And for  this I am thankful.

How about you? How have your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, or any other children in your life changed you?

10 thoughts on “Whoopsy Daisy

  1. My nieces certainly have me saying “whoopsie daisy a lot”, but that’s only when I split my pants everytime I drop something…like my soon to be newpew-in-law. -_-

  2. There is not doubt my kids changed my speech. I was always careful to watch what I said. I didn’t cuss but I was especially careful with substitutes like “dang” or “crap” or “shoot” or even “darn it.” i was taught they were way too close for comfort and could easily be misunderstood, so I removed them from my vocab. I made sure they were left out around my children.

  3. Kids change your life, for sure. I have a partner who wants to go see UT games with me every fall. What’s really good is that I have a ready made helper for the lawn mowing. You are in good shape. At some point, you will have three to help you. That’s awesome.

  4. Most of my kid words are nonsensical ones I made up or heard them say, but I definitely know what you mean. I’m so thankful for my kids, what they teach me and what I get to impart. What a joy and blessing God gives us. Thanks Matt.

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