10 Reasons to Like Mayonnaise

I hate mayonnaise.

As I’ve stated before, if I had x-ray vision I would use it to make sure a sandwich does not have mayonnaise on it before taking a big bite. But this post is not going to be about why I hate mayonnaise and why you should hate it, too.

No, I’m trying to be more positive. So instead, I’m going to do my best give you 10 reasons to like mayonnaise.

Here goes:











Okay…I’ve got nothing.

I realize some people like mayonnaise. Just yesterday I heard a man actually confess that he could eat a mayonnaise sandwich. Blech!

Mayonnaise isn’t for everyone and neither is hating mayonnaise. The goodness of mayonnaise is up for debate (I guess).

What’s not up for debate? That the Gospel is “the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” See Romans 1: 16.

Mayonnaise isn’t for everyone but the Gospel is for everyone who believes.

No matter who you are.

Do you dislike mayonnaise? If so, why? If not, what’s wrong with you?




12 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Like Mayonnaise

  1. I had cordially disliked mayo all my life until one day when my wife made me a sandwich using mayonnaise packets.

    Expired mayonnaise packets. Only she didn’t know it, neither did I.

    She was at work, I’d come home; the sandwich was waiting for me in the fridge. I got it out, took a big bite, and about hurled all over the kitchen floor.

    I’ve hated mayonnaise ever since.

    But I love the Gospel!

  2. My family used mayonnaise’s gross cousin salad dressing. I never ate it or mayonnaise until I got married. That’s when I discovered the goodness of it. Recently I have converted to Duke’s, which is full of Southern goodness.

  3. I can’t stand the taste of Mayo or Miracle Whip. What’s wrong with me? absolutely nothing. It may be the other way around: what’s wrong with them? Oh, I love the Gospel.

  4. I love mayo–and yes I have eaten mayo sandwiches as a kid 🙂 However, you have to look at mayo kinda like the gospel (which I love too )Sometimes you just have to swallow it, if you like it or not, so the next time you bite into a sandwich with mayo, think of the positives, you have a sandwich and I assume someone else made it for you, I don’t like being corrected by the gospel but thank God someone made it for me and I accepted it :)–a little correction by Christ or a little mayo never hurt anyone 🙂 Love ya brother 🙂

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