Wrasslin’ and the Gospel

I watched some wrasslin’ yesterday. Yes, I know the correct spelling is “wrestling,” but when it is done on the main road of our town in conjunction with our annual labor day event (Hooray for Harriman) by a local promotion I consider it wrasslin’ and the people who do it wrasslers.

If this is wrong, I refuse to be right.

I didn’t expect much from the wrasslin; the only reason I stayed to watch it is because my kids wanted to stay. It wasn’t that bad, though.

It also got me thinking about what I would do if I were a wrassler.

1. I would wear size-appropriate clothing. I called someone I saw on television “chubby” the other day. My 5-year-old asked if chubby was a nice way of saying “fat.” I said yes. She said, “You’re chubby.” Anyway, I wouldn’t wear those speedo-looking tights.

2. I would have a good gimmick. Or a least put forth some effort to have a good gimmick. Maybe call myself “Big and Rich” with plenty of bling bling (or whatever the kids are saying these days). Or maybe go by the name of “Soul Man” and pray for people before I pummel them. Something like that.

3. I would rile up the crowd. But I would do it in a way that would confuse them. Like make fun of the way they masticate their food. Or call their town copasetic and watch them get upset over a compliment.

I’m not a wrassler, though. And I don’t guess I ever will be one.

Wrasslin is fake and silly.

The Gospel is real and serious.

I have been called to proclaim the Gospel; to share with people the Good News of Jesus.

So I will keep doing that and leave the wrasslin to others.

But I promise to keep wearing size-appropriate clothing.

What would you do if you were a wrassler? What have you been called to do?



9 thoughts on “Wrasslin’ and the Gospel

  1. Fun post. I listened to an interview yesterday by a fan with Hulk Hogan. In the interview he talked about how he’d come back to this Baptist childhood faith. It was very interesting. I was a HUGE Hulk Hogan fan as a kid.

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