Prophetic Thursday: Alternative Baptistry Uses

Prophetic Thursday used to be a weekly occurrence on the blog. It was when I humorously peered down the pike and tried to give you a heads up on what to expect within Christianity in the near and not so near future. Do a search over to the right of “Prophetic Thursday” if you want some examples. Anyway–it’s back! At least for one day. Enjoy!

Alternative Baptistry Uses

I love baptizing people. It is seriously one of my greatest privileges as the pastor of Lee Village Baptist Church. Thankfully, we have had numerous occasions to use our baptistry, especially over the last few months.

But even though we use it fairly regularly, there are times where it does not get used at all.

I bet there are plenty of church leaders who are irked by this. They have these big tubs that only get used sparingly when they could be used for so many other things.

Things like…

1. Banana pudding. Banana pudding is a staple at church potluck dinners, but there is never enough to go around. But if you filled a baptistry up with it….mmmmmm….puddin’.

2. Koi ponds. Who doesn’t love a good koi pond? A lot of people. Nevermind.

3. Cannonball contests. I can’t count how many times someone has told me they think their cannonball is better than mine. This is because it has never happened. But if it did a baptistry would be a good place to have a contest.

4. Snake pits. For churches that handle snakes this would be ideal. Not as ideal as not handling snakes at all, but still.

5. Walking on water practice. For those who think they are perfect and want to prove it.

I will admit that these ideas aren’t very good (except for the banana pudding idea–that’s genius). And I hope they aren’t put into practice.

Baptistries should be used only for baptizing people and we should pray they are used more and more.

But if any of these things actually do happen, remember–you heard it here first.

What are some other possible uses for baptistries? How often does the baptistry at your church get used?


12 thoughts on “Prophetic Thursday: Alternative Baptistry Uses

  1. How about starting a ministry for radio-controlled water craft? It could be used for that. Or it could used to film a video for “Rubber duckie you’re the one.”

  2. I’d say save the money, and use a pool…lol. We had a whole bunch from the ministry I attend jump in and get a baptism in a pool in the Trailer park.

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