Just Because

Me kicking

This picture was taken of me this past Friday night at Harriman HIgh School’s football game.. I was kicking for cash. This means I was one of two people chosen out of the audience to go onto the field at halftime to attempt a field goal for money. We could attempt the kick from wherever we wanted and if we hit the field we would receive $2 per yard. This includes the 10 yards of end zone.

Knowing my lack of kicking ability, I chose to kick the ball from the 5-yard-line.

I didn’t make the kick.

I didn’t win any money.

But I did get a consolation prize: a $10 Taco Bell gift card and the disrespect of my peers.

Did I (a 6′ 7”, 300-ish pound man) look stupid going out onto the field and missing a 5-yard-field goal? Did I embarrass myself, my family, my church, whoever by doing it?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that I don’t care.

Sometimes you have to do things you wouldn’t normally do. Sometimes you have to take a chance. Sometimes you have to put yourself in a position to possibly fail.


Just because.

And that should be a good enough answer for me and you to occasionally take risks.

And live.

What was the last somewhat silly thing you did…just because?

(Thanks to Melissa Coley for the picture!)


12 thoughts on “Just Because

  1. Great form!

    It’s mostly a daily thing for me – just ask my kids. Last night, I was playing Wall Ball with some of the teenagers. That may be construed as a silly thing by any adults who are onlooking. To me it’s about having fun and connecting with the kids.

  2. Least your form looked good. 🙂 And at least you tried. Last silly thing I did was do a toilet seat toss onto a plunger. Think horseshoes and you have the picture. It was part of the Redneck Games our youth pastor dreamed up for his youth kickoff. FYI: I made it. Okay, 1 out of 3.

  3. I think you hit on something–why people won’t try things: they think they’ll embarrass themselves, someone else, or God. I know I’ve been there, but I also know it’s silly. If we step out for God and fall on our face (hopefully not literally), God will be okay. He’ll still be glorious, awesome, omnipotent, and everything else that He is, and He loves for us to express faith in love by taking the risks to love someone, care, pray, or whatever else. Glad you took the kick, brother! I don’t suspect I would have done any better. 🙂 Thanks Matt.

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