The Most Interesting Pastor in the World – Part 2

He once wrote himself an anonymous letter filled with criticism just to see how it feels.

The only baby he has dedicated who didn’t become a mega-church pastor? Tim Tebow.

When he goes out to eat after a church service, the waitress gives him a tip.

Chickens fry themselves just to be eaten by him.

John Piper saw him collecting seashells once and said, “You know what? It’s okay.”

Microphones write him thank you notes for the privilege of amplifying his voice.

He quit giving altar calls because no altar is big enough for all the people who respond.

Morgan Freeman is making a auto-biographical documentary and wants him to narrate it.

When he prays before a sporting event, both teams win.

When he preaches at a funeral, everyone cries–including the deceased person.

No married couple he has counseled has ever gotten a divorce. Neither have their children.

When he moderates a business meeting, the church uses HIS rules of order.

His teeth make Joel’s Osteen’s look coffee stained.

His congregation has never complained about the temperature in the church building.

A rabbi, a priest, and a Muslim cleric walk into a bar–to talk about how awesome he is.

He is….The Most Interesting Pastor in the World.

“Drink of the Living Water and never be thirsty again, my friends.”

What other facts can you think of for the Most Interesting Pastor in the World?

(To see part 1 click here!)

24 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Pastor in the World – Part 2

  1. John MacArthur sends him his commentaries for the privilege of being used in preparation for his sermons. Chuck Swindoll listens to his podcasts in order to use his outlines.

  2. His church doesn’t do community outreach because there isn’t anyone left in the community who isn’t already an active member of his church.

  3. “When he prays before a sporting event, both teams win.” ~ and that would be true, so to speak.

    When he walks into a school building , the administration gathers around and pleads for him to tell them about “Our Father”. He’s actually invited into story-time.

    As always… a great post!

  4. His hair is so vibrant, bouncy, and full of life that Benny Hinn hangs his head, crying hot tears of shame.

    That hair is also so full of product that it would go up faster than Michael Jackson’s if exposed to flame.

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