A Time to Cry

I like to laugh. I also like making others laugh.

Humor is something I try to use here on this blog to connect with people and possibly make them think. I do the same while preaching. Am I careful to not overdo it? I try to be, but I’m sure there have been times when I have crossed an unseen line.

I think there is a time to laugh.

And there is also a time to cry. Like this past Sunday night.

Our church has services on both Sunday morning and Sunday evening. A few weeks ago, I started preaching through the book of James on Sunday nights. I studied and prepared to preach another message from this challenging book this past Sunday.

God, however, had different plans. Instead of preaching, I spent most of the service crying.

It started during the afternoon as I pondered God’s great love for me. I regained my composure in time for the start of the service.

Then our music director decided to have us sing Jesus Loves Me and the tears started flowing again. And they didn’t stop until the service was over.

I cried while trying to say a few words about the first part of 1 John 3:1: “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.”

I cried while asking the congregation to behold God’s great love for them.

I cried when I invited them to pray with me for those  who haven’t yet realized God’s love for them.

I cried as I thanked God for the love, mercy, and grace He has shown me and my family.

It was unusual. It was short. It was unexpected.

And it was good.

There are times to laugh and there are times to cry.

Be ashamed of neither and be thankful for both.

When was the last time you were overwhelmed by God’s love for you?



18 thoughts on “A Time to Cry

  1. Sometimes I listen to our worship team practicing before anyone else gets there and some songs get to me and I find myself overcome with emotion. Sometimes when we are singing as a congregation I find that same thing happening or when I have listened to someone sing a song I know is meaningful to them. i am not ashamed of tears. I also love to laugh.

  2. Amen brother! Glad to hear he is softening your heart, even while already in full service to Him! Lately I can even be driving down the road and will just start sobbing uncontrollably, anywhere and at all times the spirit can be overtaking. I enjoy the times of sorrow as much as the laughter, its because Jesus is teaching us compassion, and his unfailing and unconditional love. I am happy to say that as Real men love Jesus, so do Real men cry and stand firm!

  3. I think it’s LOVE is something that has been distorted, misinterpreted, manipulated, and destroyed by todays society that it has calloused this generation to what the TRUE, PURE, LOVE of Jesus is toward us.
    when Jesus reveals it and we fully meditate in it…it’s overwhelming.

  4. God never ceases to amaze me with His love. I had a sweet time like that last year at the end of a men’s retreat in the Colorado Rockies, when He so sweetly and tenderly came to me as the Father I’d always been looking for.

    God words, Matt.

  5. I love those moments. I like them more when they’re not in public, but I won’t hold back either way. 🙂 I get overwhelmed with His love, forgiveness, goodness, and all He’s done for me. Incredible to think about and meditate on. Thanks Matt.

  6. I’m overwhelmed by God’s love for us far more often than I’m usually comfortable admitting in public fora such as this, and I’ve not been ashamed that the eye plumbing works for years now.

    Great music – not always the latest stuff from Chris Tomlin, though I’m not knocking him – can have that effect, as can a good read, a walk outdoors – pretty much anyplace can work like that so long as I’m slowed down enough to notice.

    Good stuff there, Matt.

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