I’m No Perry Stone

It happened again last week. Someone said I look like Perry Stone.

Perry Stone
Perry Stone


This time it was an older gentleman at the gym I frequent who said, “When I saw you on that elliptical machine the other day, I thought you were Perry Stone.”

You might be thinking–who is Perry Stone?

According to his website (www.voe.org), Stone is “a fourth generation minister of the gospel, directs one of America’s fastest growing ministries – Voice of Evangelism.  From its 70,000 square foot International Ministry Center, Voice of Evangelism is striving to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ through revivals, television, audio/video media, printed material and missionary sponsorship.”

You may have seen him on television like me, possibly preaching/teaching using some kind of prop. You may have seen him on the cover of one of his books. You may have seen him preaching revival services near you.

Or you may have seen him at Waffle House. He lives in Cleveland, TN and since everyone I know from there likes Waffle House, I’m assuming he eats there sometimes, too.

But I’m no Perry Stone.

We are different ages; he’s in his fifties and I just look like I’m in my fifties. I’m really just a couple of weeks away from being thirty-six.

We have different ministries; he does mostly revivals and prophecy teaching and I am a pastor.

We have different levels of fame; he is very well-known in some circles and I know how to draw a circle.

We have different beliefs about certain theological issues.

I’m no Perry Stone. And that’s okay.

I am me–adopted by the Father through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’m no Perry Stone; I am Matt Cannon–child of God.

Who do people say you look like? Who else do you think I look like (besides Matthew McConaughey?)


29 thoughts on “I’m No Perry Stone

  1. Mostly my kids say I look, and I quote, “Old.” I once heard that I kinda look like the actor who played Nicolas Cage’s younger brother in Face/Off.

    You should meet my friend, Chris Morris, he’s the only other blogging Christian I know who’s 6’7″. 🙂

  2. In my younger hairy days I was told I looked like Tom Selleck. Aaaah yeah. the only thing we have in common is big mustaches and curly hair and a long body. He has money and i don’t. I have Jesus and he doesn’t. That last one is a game changer. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad you are not PS. If you were, I would not have had a chance to know you. Besides, I have this sneaking suspicion I like your theological leanings more than his.

  3. Well….we still love you. I probably lean my belief system close to Perry stone, but that doesn’t mean that you and I won’t spend eternity in heaven in God’s big house. My pastor Larry Anderson(who looks a lot like Santa Claus) has a bit he does…..I’m no Perry stone, I’m Larry alone. Lol. You both crack me up sometimes.

      • Me too. Your church is so far. I would love to visit. Always have since we became fb friends, I always figured you have great ways of preaching since your post were clever, but I live in Blaine and that’s way far.

  4. Who do you look like? You look like the man who loves my daughter beyond measure. You look like the man who is raising five of eight perfect grandchildren. You look like the man that gets up in the middle of the night to deal with sick children, go to the hospital and never complains. You look like a man of God who always puts the Father, Son and Holy Spirit first in his life. You look like the man that my husband and I are proud to call Son-in-law.

  5. Matthew McConaughey is exactly who I was going to say you look like!

    I’m glad we are all different. What a boring world this would be if we all had the same gifts from God.

    People tend to mistake me for Jennifer Aniston- Just kidding, I’m not even close!

  6. When he and I were younger, I was mistaken for Harrison Ford. Now it would probably be closer to Henry Ford (or a Ford Escort). I can also draw a circle.

    And, you do look like that TV evangelist guy, just younger.

  7. These days I’m getting called Moses, Elijah, Grizzly Adams, even Santa.

    I’d say you look a bit like a cross between Rob Bell, TD Jakes and Donald Miller. Not sure where that would leave you theologically, but you’d probably sell a lot of books.

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