This and That — Vol. 5

*Remember how Monica Seles used to grunt whenever she hit a tennis ball? I think I’ll start doing that every time I use my stapler.

*You know how many times I have eaten pretzels and thought, “Man, I wish someone would make a hamburger buns out of these?” That’s right…never. I can’t wait until they make pizza crust out of rice cakes.

*I went to a conference on the Trinity that featured five of the leading scholars in the world on that particular topic. After hearing their presentations and their answers to the questions posed to them, it made me feel a little bit better about myself because even they had difficulty explaining it. But it was still amazing..

*Apparently Kevin Durant and Dwyane Wade have gotten into a war of words/tweets about whether or not Wade deserves to be listed as one of the top ten players in the NBA. But if I were Wade, I would be more concerned with learning how to spell my first name the right way.

*A few days ago my wife said, “I made a new friend yesterday. I like making new friends.” It’s possible I married a character from Sesame Street. Really, though, I love her and her kind heart.

*My 5-year-old got in the van after school a few weeks ago and told me some terrible news–“I have a boyfriend.” Apparently he asked her to be his girlfriend in the cafeteria and she said, “Sure!” This just last a couple or weeks, or as I like to call it “too long.”

*Saying “I’ll never go to a church with hypocrites in it” is exactly like saying “I’m never going to church.” There are hypocrites everywhere you look–even in the mirror at times. Actually, it is good when hypocrites are in church because that is where they (and we) need to be.

What are some tidbits that have been on your mind?

10 thoughts on “This and That — Vol. 5

  1. Monica’s grunt is mild compared to what is heard today. Sheesh! It’s like listening to a bunch of hogs out there grunting and doing that whatever it is they do thing. Not much else on my mind at this time of the day.

  2. My dentist told me that I was going to hate her after the pain she put me through yesterday. I told her it was my fault for not flossing.

  3. Ha- I’ve always thought that about good ole Dwyane. When is the case extreme enough to get a name legally changed? I posit that it is when you spell your name “Dwyane.”

  4. 5 yr olds with boyfriends! They are starting younger all the time! I’ve been thinking about my kids a lot lately and reading “Shepherding your child’s heart” by Ted Tripp aloud to my wife. We were reminded today that we need to be praying for our kids more.

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