Fun at the Dollar Movies

My family went to the “dollar movies” this past Friday night. Technically, it isn’t the dollar movies anymore since it now costs $2.50 per ticket. But old habits die-hard, so I still call it the dollar movies.

We saw Monsters University. I know–most people saw it during the Summer, but tickets weren’t $2.50 during the Summer. When you have 5 kids and like going to the movies, patience isn’t just a virtue–it is essential to keep you from going completely broke.

Getting there about 15 minutes early, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. We talked about their day at school, but my kids soon became bored with that. We answered some of the trivia on the screen, but that didn’t entertain them long. Thankfully, the movie was getting close to starting.

That’s when my oldest daughter did this –

Okay–so this is a reenactment of what happened. At any rate, I ended up laughing about this the rest of the night.

I love that my kids love me. I love that they are growing and learning and becoming the people God created them to me.

And I love their silliness and how it can make me laugh and laugh.

Of all the blessings God has given me since salvation, my wife and kids are at the top of the list.

I am indeed a blessed man.

What have your kids (or grandkids or whoever) done recently to make you laugh?


17 thoughts on “Fun at the Dollar Movies

  1. Out of all eight of my grandchildren the one who has the ability to make you laugh the most is Bradley. He literally has a stage presence and can come up with the funniest things especially when he is doing something he is not supposed to do. Do you know how hard it is to keep a straight face and correct a 10 year old who has just said something so funny you try not to laugh and still look stern. My husband and I truly believe there is an Emmy, Golden Globe, Oscar or Tony waiting on that kid when he grows up.

  2. We laugh a lot. Lauren’s boyfriend gave her a bungee chair for her birthday. Her reaction, since she had never remotely hinted that she wanted one, was priceless.

  3. That’s too funny, Matt. Kids are awesome.

    This year, my daughter started first grade, and has been keeping a reading log. Yesterday morning, my wife and I checked it, and ended up guffawing over the unintended, inappropriate awkward of an entry. She left the letter “m” out of the animal, so the top two lines looked like:

    anial (say it aloud)

  4. Awesome! My kids crack me up all the time. Our youngest just loves to laugh and wants any excuse to “lose it” and laugh uncontrollably. I’ll be annoyed at first with him carrying on, but then I succumb to the cuteness and join in. 🙂

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