If I Were a Garden Gnome

My kids all made me something for my birthday. They were all special and sweet.

This poem from my oldest daughter brought tears to my eyes.

Noelle's Poem

I’m glad your my dad,
I love you so much,
Sorry sometimes I’m bad,
but then you give a special touch.

I’m glad your my dad,
everything is gonna be ok,
even tho sometimes you seem mad,
you brighten up my day.

I’m so glad you adopted me,
And brought me into your home,
I love you so much
even if you were a garden gnome.

Because I have five kids, it  would be virtually impossible to keep everything they draw, write, or paint.

This one, though, is definitely a keeper–even if we might need to work on the difference between your and you’re.

After all, it’s not every day a person promises to love you even if you were a garden gnome.

What is a gift you have been given that you deeply cherish (other than salvation)?


18 thoughts on “If I Were a Garden Gnome

  1. That looks like a good one to keep! I also have 5 kids and they produce a lot of art. One of my daughters loves to make and write cards. We have a little file we keep for each child with some of the most cherished works of art!

  2. I have a river rock Lauren painted and gave me for Father’s Day in 1998. Andrew wrote me a note at work. I laminated it and it and the rock sit on my desk.

  3. The gifts I cherish most other than Jesus Christ is first my husband who has been a wonderful husband and dad. Two daughters that are strong Christian women who thankfully married two wonderful Christian men. But most of all when you get older you are more aware of the legacy you and your children are leaving. Of the eight of my grandchildren seven have made professions of faith in Christ. The eighth one will come soon enough. She is only five but still talks about Jesus. Nothing other than salvation can touch that.

    Thank you for letting me go on and on about my Treasures: Trey, Michael, Katie, Noelle, Bradley, Johnathan, Matthew and Hopie.

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