Filling Gaps

“She’s got gaps. I got gaps. Together we fill gaps.”

These words were spoken by Rocky Balboa to his friend Paulie in the movie Rocky about why Rocky is attracted to Paulie’s sister, Adrian. I don’t remember everything about this movie, but I definitely remember this quote. Really, it explains a lot about relationships. Everyone has positive qualities they bring to the table as well as opportunities for improvement (otherwise known as weaknesses). Most good relationships I have seen are between two flawed people who help fill the gaps in each other. In this way, both people in the relationship are improved by the other.

It isn’t just in relationships that we should try to fill gaps.

Presently, I believe there is a kindness gap in our world. So many are so concerned with being right and with proving their rightness and another’s wrongness that kindness isn’t even considered.

There also appears to be a grace gap. Ungraciousness abounds as we maximize the faults of others while minimizing our own.

There is a gap in serving others, too. After all, if we serve others we run the risk of being taken advantage of and that just won’t do.

We are really adept at pointing out the problems of our world. We also are pretty good at wondering why no one does anything about them. We aren’t very good at comprehending the reality that we have been blessed with opportunities to fill more gaps than we realize.

If we complain about problems in our world, our homes, our communities, and our churches yet do nothing to fix the problems or change the situations, we are actively involved in causing the gaps to increase in hopes that someone will finally do something about them. This is foolhardy as the gaps will eventually grow so large as to be impossible for someone in the future to fill.

What are we waiting for? There are gaps to be filled and they are shaped like us.

Let’s fill them so others can devote their attention to other, future gaps. And let’s get started.



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