My name is Matt Cannon and the Lord is changing me — and that is a good thing. Being conformed into the image of Jesus Christ should be the business of every believer, even one like me who has been traveling the Christian Road for quite some time.

I am married to a beautiful woman and am blessed with 6 wonderful (most of the time) kids. I am privileged to be the pastor of Lee Village Baptist Church in Harriman, TN where the Lord has now allowed me to stay for over 10 years.

I used to be an every week day blogger, but that has changed/is changing. I might be one of those types again, but for now I will blog when I will blog. Probably 2-3 times per week.

Thanks for reading/commenting/being a part of this community.

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24 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. I read your blog and was wondering where you received your education as a minister.
    I work at Johnson Bible College and attend a Christian Church in Knoxville.
    How long have you been in the ministry? Do you do other work?
    Do you do conselor work?

  2. Matt: I think that your website which you have started is wonderful. I wish you much success with it. I wanted to ask you about a particular matter. The website address which I have given you is one which is a part of a website a couple of friends have on the internet. The Lord miraculously brought me into connection woth them through the internet. The lessons which are on this website which I have given you, is lessons which God has led me to write over the past seven or eight years. A couple of years ago, I felt led to put a few of the lessons together, and make books from them. At the end of the lesson listing, you will find a list of the books which I have composed, and the lesson numbers which each book consists of. One which is particularly important to me, is the one titled, “Physical Healing-The Perfect Will of God.” When you get a chance, would you please look through the four lessons of this book, and give me your personal opinion concerning the truth in them. So many people do not believe that God will heal any of his children, but only certain ones. But I truly believe that if we place our faith in God, that He will heal any of us, if we just trust Him, and stand on his Holy Word. I have prayed for Him to show me if I am wrong in this matter, and so far, I can have no peace whatsoever, that it is God’s perfect will for any of his children to be sick. I do not mean that none of us Christians will ever be attacked with sickness, but that when we are, God will deliver us from it, if we just trust Him to do so. If this is not true, then what do we say about James 5:13-16? The scripture does not tell us that He might heal us, or maybe He will. But it gives us a positive assurance. I would like your opinion, even though I know that it may take you a little while. Your brother in Christ, Calvin Smith.

  3. Bob,
    I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Business Administration. Since then I have taken seminary courses toward a Masters of Divinity degree from both the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Liberty University. I don’t yet have the degree, but the knowledge gained has been extremely useful. I started out in 1998 as Youth Pastor of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Knoxville. After a little less than a year I became the Pastor of East Sunnyview Baptist Church, a small church in Knoxville. I have now been Pastor of Cardiff Baptist Church in Rockwood for a little over 4 years. I am a bi-vocational pastor with a full-time “secular” job. I have worked at the Clayton Homes corporate office in Maryville for over 8 years in various capacities. I do counseling through my role at church.

    Writing in something that I enjoy doing and hope to do more of it in the future. Hopefully it will help me to grow and help others along the way as well.

    Thanks for reading and for your comments.


  4. Calvin,

    I’ll look at the website when I am able to do so and will be happy to comment.
    Thanks again for reading and commenting.


  5. I think you are a big goober. I mean how many other people do you know that can rip their head open on the coat hook in the stall of the men’s room. However, I have heard that one of your former supervisor’s, a Larry Carter I think, is one of the greatest men on earth. I hear that he is good looking, intelligent, has a great sense of humor and is not a genetic freak.

  6. Matt, I am a bi-voc up here in North East Pa. I lived in Knoxville a long time ago, before I got married. I think the warrants have expired. I want to come back and see the city. I came down to play judo at the U and work there as an electrician, but at the time I had a language problem, I did not know what whare, was, you know whare like a thare on your cahr. I ended up teaching. anyway, God Bless your ministry!

  7. I think a worthy addition to your blogroll would be the Odd and Sundry blog by the very 5’10” Larry Carter. Tremendous insights would be available to to handful of people that view your blog.

  8. You and Larry still going on about how short he is and how tall you are!! Hope all is well. I lost your phone number. Email me with it and I will give you a call. Have some info to pass along. L8r

  9. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog today! I look forward to reading more in the near future.
    Happy New Year!
    May God continue to richly bless you.
    ~ Heather Joy

  10. Matt, stumbled on your Twitter account a few weeks back but just now found my way to your blog. I didn’t realize you were from Knoxville! We consider that our second home, most of my family live there and we go up 2/3 times a year. Are you familiar with West Park Baptist & Sam Polsen?

    Just subscribed to your blog – it’s always great to connect with a pastor. I grew up in a pastor’s home and have always had a soft spot for pastors and their families.

    • Awesome! I know of Sam Polsen–have heard him on the radio and heard good thing about him and the church, but I don’t know him personally. Thanks for connecting–I’ll be checking out your blog soon.

  11. stumbled on your amazing grace youtube. i keep thinking i recognize you. any connection to milligan college or emmanuel school of religion or conferences like ciy? just trying to place where i heard you speak.

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