If I Were a Garden Gnome

My kids all made me something for my birthday. They were all special and sweet.

This poem from my oldest daughter brought tears to my eyes.

Noelle's Poem

I’m glad your my dad,
I love you so much,
Sorry sometimes I’m bad,
but then you give a special touch.

I’m glad your my dad,
everything is gonna be ok,
even tho sometimes you seem mad,
you brighten up my day.

I’m so glad you adopted me,
And brought me into your home,
I love you so much
even if you were a garden gnome.

Because I have five kids, it  would be virtually impossible to keep everything they draw, write, or paint.

This one, though, is definitely a keeper–even if we might need to work on the difference between your and you’re.

After all, it’s not every day a person promises to love you even if you were a garden gnome.

What is a gift you have been given that you deeply cherish (other than salvation)?


About Home

To keep fighting and
going and marching,
he thinks about home.

Home, across the water,
is a continual reminder
of what will be.

When the war is over
and the battles cease he
knows what awaits him.

Rest will replace work,
peace will replace strife,
healing will replace pain.

While he waits he keeps
fighting, going, marching
and thinking

About home.


Time Is Up

Time is up,
his daughter
leaves promising
to return.

He’s laboring
hard  to stay
around for her
and her son.

After days and
weeks he can
no longer keep
up the fight.

She tells him
that he can go,
that they will
be just fine.

Time is up,
his breathing
stops and he
takes flight.

Ending the Pain

He surveys his life and wonders
when the disappointments will end,
if the disappointments will end.

There was a time when he could
handle them; a time before anyone
else was around to be affected.

Now, they are hurting.
Silently, deeply

His wife,
their kids,

Another disappointment is on
the horizon, threatening to take
away his last thread of hope.

In the top of his closet there
is something that can
end the pain.

He grabs it,
pulls it down,
and uses it.

Not a gun with
bullets to pierce
his flesh.

A Bible with
words to pierce
his heart.

The Joy of Building

Playing in the sand
as her parents look on;
completely unaware
of her surroundings.

The castle she
constructed lacks
the ability to withstand
the coming waves.

Her parents know
what she doesn’t;
her handiwork will
soon be destroyed.

When the castle falls
they dry her tears
and encourage her
to build again.

They teach her that
the joy of building is
worth the pain of
eventual loss.

And they remind
her that she is secure
in their arms no
matter what.

No Ordinary Book

It needs no revisions
or rewrites
or anyone to
apologize for
its contents.

It has been read
and studied
and taught
and proclaimed
for hundreds of
years by millions
of people.

Yet there will always
be more to learn
and discuss
and share
and give praise for

It is no

When the Wind Blows

When the wind blows
there is joy unspeakable
and full of glory.

When the wind blows
there is life where
there was none.

When the wind blows
hope walks in and
conquers despair.

When the wind blows
the old creature gives
way to the new.

When the wind blows
those who have been
born are born again.

When the wind blows
it blows where it will
and we give thanks.

When the wind blows….