Answered Prayer and the Love of God

Distracted prayer isn’t the best, but sometimes it’s the best I’ve got.

Like today, for instance. I was sitting at my desk praying when several worrisome things started swirling around my mind. I tried to push them down, asking the Lord to keep my mind stayed on Him.

Finally, I stopped and said, “Lord, this is a struggle. Is it always going to be a struggle?” That’s when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw the call was going to be about one of the worrisome things which had attacked my prayer time.

I reluctantly answered and in doing so found out the issue was soon to be resolved–that I would have one less thing to occupy my thoughts during prayer.

Again, this was right after I admitted my struggle to God and asked Him if it was always going to be that way.

This type of thing rarely happens in such an obvious way to me. It is rare that I ask God something and He immediately gives me such an explicit, in-my-face answer. But when It does it makes me pause and remember His steadfast love for me.

A love that is present whether it is so obvious or not.


Prayer and the Death of Steve Jobs

My first reaction upon hearing the news the Steve Jobs had died was the same reaction I have whenever anyone dies.

I wonder about their faith or lack thereof.

It was my second reaction that caught me off-guard. 

I never prayed for him.

No, I didn’t know him and have no connection to him or anyone in his family.

But he was someone who dramatically impacted our world with his innovations, inventions, and drive to make a difference.

He was someone who helped to change the way people communicate, think, and so much more.

He was someone who will be remembered well into the future for what he accomplished in his life that was cut short.

But more importantly…

he was a person created in the image of God.

And even when I knew that he had gotten sicker, I didn’t pray for him.

I didn’t pray for his healing.

I didn’t pray for his strength.

I didn’t pray that he would fall in love with Jesus.

Now, he’s gone.

I can no longer pray for him, but I can pray for others who are in positions of influence to use their abilities for God’s glory.

And I will.

How has your prayer life been recently?