Karate Kids

My kids (ages 5,4,3, and 3) have recently begun taking karate classes in hopes of instilling a greater sense of discipline and learning how to better control their bodies.  So far all that they have learned is to hit each other with more gusto.  Oh well, as my dad used to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” 

 By the way, the reason that we have children so close in age is that they are all adopted.  It’s not something we are hiding from them because as my 5 year old already knows: Adopted=Special.  Now if I can only get them to start breaking cinder blocks, we could make us some cash.  Hi-ya!

Seriously, we won’t know whether or not karate is helpful until a little later on.  I find this true in other aspects of life.  Time often reveals the truth about whether a course of action is correct or incorrect.  If we could look into the future and make decisions accordingly, we would probably be wiser about our choices.  However, the journey is what makes us who we are.  My failures have taught me far more than my successes and I expect that will be the case until I draw my last breath.


2 thoughts on “Karate Kids

  1. Karate eh? I’ve considered it for my son (4) but do not want to hone his already disturbingly ample combat skills. Maybe I’ll rethink my decision when his sister (2) gets old enough to take a class as well.

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